Smart Measurement

An integrated management system that automatically replaces the recording on an analog system into an integrated digital system using an IOT device is a level of efficiency in productivity in supporting data speed, accuracy and analysis.

Water meter Measurement

Device Water flowmeters for monitoring consumptions and data sent to applications for recoding and charging.

Sector : Residential, Apartment

Smart Meter Reader

Device interoperability allows to be quickly informed about the level of electricity consumption or production and send result to dashboard.

Sector : Residential, Factory Industry, Store

Temperature Humidity

Use the temperature, humidity or luminosity sensors to get information about the surroundings

Sector : Residential, Factory Industry, Store and warehouse

Ph Water & Soil Moisture Measurement

This is all you need to acquire accurate air temperature, rainfall, soil moisture and soil temperature data and to transmit it to your portal or application.

Sector : Agriculture, Environment