Beyond Imagination

Simple, nice and user-friendly application for your sensor.
Only relevant and useful information will be delivered.

What We Are


We provide new services to users with a variety of integrated solutions

Front end Dashboard

Panel dashboard application that displays in the form of a website or mobile apps that displays monitoring and analysis data

Device Solution

We work with device makers from abroad and within the country to provide IoT sensors


We provide sensor device and application selection services to users 24/7

Backend API

Our integrated API backend management server provides always on service

Billing System

The billing system is a data collection to calculate the amount of billing and is integrated with a payment gateway

Internet of Things

is a computing concept about everyday objects that are connected to the internet and able to identify themselves to other devices. In simple terms, you have “Things” which have the ability to collect data and send it to the Internet. This data can be accessed by other “Things” as well so that it becomes a collection of information that can be analysed and automated.